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We specialize in handmade craft clothing using the finest materials. Our high-tech fleece is Polartec brand.  Constantly evolving: It's all about the fabric.

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We make some Rad Rags!

Polartec Makers Story

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I'm originally from Hawaii, and I started making Jams style surf trunks in 1974 in 4th grade; but that's a whole 'nother story...


Rad Rags was started in Breckenridge Colorado in the winter of 86’-87’. Rad rags started making “custom” ski wear from Gore-Tex and similar materials. At that time there was nobody making “snowboard” clothing, so we started making that as well. To our knowledge, we were the second people on the planet to make snowboard specific clothing. We let the local snowboarders and skiers choose our name and it stuck. We moved to Salida, Colorado that spring. We then started making Polartec clothing and rugged river wear. Rad Rags has made many things since then from clothing to orthopedic soft goods to technical adventure gear. We have a long history of fabric and needle craft. Today, we are back in Breckenridge and Rad Rags focuses mostly on Polartec soft goods, however, we do still make many other custom items and technical goods. It is our goal to bring you the Most Comfortable adventureloungewear possible, made from the finest materials available. All of our items are high quality, hand made pieces. Wearable craft “folk art” as some have called it.  We do not sell online as each and every item is unique and individual, just like those who wear them. We will announce our pop-ups on Instagram @rad.rag.s as the events happen. Reach out to us and we will get you into some Rad Rags!

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